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Gourmet Glatt Kosher Travel Meals 

"Why shlep when we can Ship?"

Kosher Fly Away can ship delicious, gourmet Kosher breakfasts, lunches & dinners to your hotel, conference, wedding, cruise ship, sporting event, restaurant, office or home in most countries around the world.

All meals are produced with the highest quality ingredients & are made to the highest standards. Our menu choices include fish, meat, chickern & vegetarian options & can be pre plated on china with real cutlery or on disposable plates with plastic cutlery.

We can also match the menus of other guests attending your function. Special diets including wheat & gluten free are available & meals are microwavable or ovenable. All food is prepared under the strict supervision of a recognised Orthodox Rabbinical authority.

Menus & packages are available to help you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or any other special occasion with a selection of wines, chocolates, flowers & other special gifts.

Call us:

Uk 0845 451 5354

Europe +44 7966 303 292

U.S.A. (516) 413 7619

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